Creative professional with 20 years of experience producing, managing, and promoting original content across platforms, languages, and industries in B2B, B2C, and agency environments.

Currently based in Bologna following time in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo, Milan, and Brussels.

Habitual proofreader. Incessant fact-checker. Alleged author.

Things I’m doing

Working on various projects related to my book, Bedroom Beats & B-Sides: Instrumental Hip-Hop and Electronic Music at the Turn of the Century.

These projects include A Beat Happening, a podcast co-hosted with Kutmah featuring weekly interviews with artists and professionals from the wider world of beat culture as well as ongoing explorations into creating resilient archives for modern music history (inspired not just by the book but also my time working on the Red Bull Music Academy archive).

As a first instance of the latter, I’ve put together a public document cataloguing music-related archives of potential use to journalists. This document is being hosted as part of the Music Journalism Insider newsletter, and I’m now working on turning it into a usable standalone website.

Undertaking a master’s degree in Digital Humanities and Digital Knowledge at the University of Bologna, with a focus on archiving. Learning to do old things in a new way, new things with the experience of old. Most of my projects for this are hosted on my GitHub.

Label manager (part-time) for Dub-Stuy Records, a Brooklyn-based soundsystem music collective.

Hosting All Tomorrow’s Archives, a radio show on Bologna’s Neu Radio.

Volunteer with theLAnd magazine, looking after editorial, newsletter, and social bits.

Figuring out how to manage living in this world.

Things I’ve done

Wrote a book about beat culture at the turn of the century.

Worked as Head of Moving Images for Yadastar* North America, a creative agency best known for the Red Bull Music Academy, during which time I oversaw and produced some cool multimedia projects.

Managed the Red Bull Music Academy lecture archive between 2016 and 2019, making over 400 interviews with modern music luminaries fully available online in both video and text format for the first time.

Wrote about music and culture for The FADER, FACT Magazine, VICE, Red Bull Music Academy, Medium, The Japan Times, and other international publications.

Co-founded Original Cultures, a non-profit arts organizations based in Bologna and dedicated to connecting cultures through art via events and music releases. 

Produced and recorded an album in Morocco.

Produced Nihon Kizuna, the first music compilation from within Japan to raise money for victims of the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. We raised over $30,000.

Produced videos including short-form documentaries, performances, studio sessions, lectures and social videos for FACT and Red Bull.

Tour managed hip-hop/electronic artists Kidsuke (UK/JP), Jealousguy (JP) and Shigeto (US) in Europe.

Hosted and produced Turntable Radio and Rhythm Incursions, specialist music radio shows on Resonance FM in London and on the web (back when Real Time audio was the thing and podcasts were just starting).