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French/Italian national, adopted Londoner and a little bit Japanese. Currently based in New York City, with previous stints in Nice, Milan, Tokyo, London and Brussels. I am a writer and journalist with a passion for words, music and the internet and over ten years experience in the publishing industry across various positions.

Deep down though I am just a nerd who loves working with words and likes to try his hand at different things. I am currently writing a book about the historty of modern hip hop and electronic production. I also have a tendency to mutate languages and a penchant for food and travelling.

Over the years I have worked as a copy editor for a national newspaper, written for and produced a variety of B2B and B2C

publications, managed website content for medium and large companies, written a fair share about hip hop and electronic music, taught English in Japan, raised money for the victims of the March 11 tsunami and earthquake, founded and run a non-profit arts and culture project and built websites. The one constant in all this has always been working with words, music and technology and how the three intersect and complement each other.

I am available for freelance and contract work, free trips, payola of various sorts and death threats. And no you can’t comment anywhere on this site because comments are evil. If you need to contact me click here. If you want to threaten me Twitter will probably get you the swiftest response.


An up-to-date CV of all my experience can be found on LinkedIn. Below are some highlights from my portfolio of work over the years:

Bring The Beat Back, a book about hip hop production (2012-present) | Original Cultures (2008-present) | Nihon Kizuna compilation and fundraisers (2011-2013) | Liner notes for Goth Trad debut album ‘New Epoch’ (2011, Japan only) | Published short story in ‘Quakebook’ (2011) | ‘Dubstep Guide Book’ (2013, Japan only) | Kidsuke 2012 European tour | Intel UK education campaign (2012) | Copy editing at Asahi Shimbun/IHT (2007-8) | Various features for FACT, RBMA and Playground magazine (2009-present) | Various cover features for Serie B Magazine (2004-2009) | 9th Intel Education Summit magazine (2012) | Rhythm Incursions (2008-present) | Tour manager for Shigeto (2014) | Video production for FACT TV (2015-present)
Over the years I’ve developed a varied portfolio of work and set of skills. Writing remains my passion and primary skill but I am equally comfortable and versed in content production and management, web project management and event organising among others.

I’ve lived and worked for clients around the world. This international experience and a multi-cultural upbringing inform my world view and the work I do.

Past and present clients and employers include The Asahi Shimbun/International Herald Tribune, FACT Magazine, Intel UK, Electronic Arts, Red Bull, Resonance FM, Warp Records, VICE, Medium and SPIN.

Most of my recent and current music writing can be found on FACT magazine, RBMA magazine, the Bandcamp Blog, Boiler Room and Medium. I’m also writing a book, ETA 2015. Some of my older writing is archived on this site.

Previous radio appearances have included dublab in L.A and Tokyo, RBMA Radio in NYC, NTS in London, and Radio Citta del Cappo in Italy.


Services I offer include consulting for content and web projects, writing, editing, content production and management, web project management, multimedia production and distribution and event organising.

I’m available for freelance and contract projects, whether remotely or working from an office. I am currently based in New York City, as such my office availability is constrained to the city/state and all major cities that I can commute to from NYC.

You can view some of the services I offer below and contact me directly for a quote or anything else you may have a question about.

Editorial services I’m available for: editing, copy-editing/subbing, writing/copywriting, proofreading, web content management.

Previous clients and employers: The Asahi Shimbun/International Herald Tribune, ID Community Publications, FACT Magazine, Intel UK, Electronic Arts, Ford UK, Red Bull Music Academy, and more.

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I have over 10 years’ editorial and writing experience in both print and web publishing. This includes writing and editing small/medium-sized B2B and B2C publications, copywriting for daily newspapers as well as corporate clients (all sizes), managing content for consumer websites in various industries and freelancing for a variety of music publications worldwide.

I love print, it’s where I started, but I also love and value digital publishing. Today most of my editorial and writing work is conducted within that world. As such I’m well versed in the production processes behind both print and web publishing and working within teams to deliver innovative projects. I can write, edit and correct and more importantly I know the implications these actions have on the actual publishing process.

I’m a self-taught writer and further refined my writing and learnt my editing skills through experience and courses at the London School of Printing.

Web services I’m available for: content management, project management, basic website builds using WordPress, website management (maintenance, hosting, updates etc…), multimedia production and distribution.

Previous clients and employers: Curved Pressings, Vinyl Carvers, Great Hotels of the World, ID Community Publications,, Resonance FM, Shlomo, Cosmic Bridge Records, Arclight Productions and more.

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Unlike words, my love for the web didn’t really start at an early age seeing as how the internet wasn’t really around then and we had to do things and talk to people in real life. I found myself becoming more than a ‘user’ online after finishing university and turning my end-of-degree thesis into an online resource. This ended up being my first major web project, Spin Science, which focused on the turntablist artform. I retired the project in 2007 having learnt a lot about content management, writing, social media (before it was a buzz word) and online publishing.

I’ve been working online professionally since 2005, focusing on content and media management/creation, digital marketing, social media and SEO. Words are important to me of course but I also believe that web publishing isn’t just about words anymore and so an understanding of how the web works, and how content is consumed and shared is equally important. Which is why I’ve got a keen interest, and experience, in various web technologies and trends. I’m also self-taught to various degrees in web skills such as HTML, CMS, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.

I like making the web a better place in my own way, starting with treating words on the web as importantly as they should be in print.

Music and art services I’m available for: podcast production and distribution, A&R, event curation, planning and management, radio shows, artist management

Previous clients and projects: Vlek Data, Warp Records, Project Mooncircle, Needlework Records, Nihon Kizuna, Original Cultures, Nod Navigators, Cosmic Bridge Records, Goth Trad and more.

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I love music almost as much as I love words. This interest soon grew into an obsession as I became older and the combination of both is why I became a music journalist. The more I became involved in writing about and documenting music, the more I also involved myself in parallel artistic and creative activities.

A friend once joked that I connect people like Nokia. Thing is, it’s sort of true. Over the years I’ve worked in a freelance capacity with many small independent labels, companies and artists doing promotion, A&R for compilations and releases, DJing, producing and presenting radio shows, organising events and most recently setting up a non-profit arts and culture project to bring forward a more personal vision of modern performing arts from a global perspective. The latter has also since become a label, which I run with partners focusing on A&R, content and promotion.

The experience I’ve gained and skills I’ve learnt in the process have been invaluable and have almost always fed in one way or another into the other work I do, be it writing or web wise. The last few years have been particularly good in that regard and I’d like to continue bringing forward music and art I feel worthy of people’s time and money, as well as work with artists and companies who want to do interesting, creative things within music or art.


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