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French/Italian national, adopted Londoner and a little bit Japanese. Currently based in New York City, with previous stints in Nice, Milan, Tokyo, London and Brussels. I am a writer and journalist with a passion for words, music and the internet and over ten years experience in the publishing industry across various positions.

Deep down though I am just a nerd who loves working with words and likes to try his hand at different things. I am currently writing a book about the history of modern hip hop and electronic production. I also have a tendency to mutate languages and a penchant for food and travelling.

Over the years I have worked as a copy editor for a national newspaper, written for and produced a variety of B2B and B2C

publications, managed website content for medium and large companies, written a fair share about hip hop and electronic music, taught English in Japan, raised money for the victims of the March 11 tsunami and earthquake, founded and run a non-profit arts and culture project and built websites. The one constant in all this has always been working with words, music and technology and how the three intersect and complement each other.

I am available for freelance and contract work, free trips, payola of various sorts and death threats. And no you can’t comment anywhere on this site because comments are evil. If you need to contact me click here. If you want to threaten me Twitter will probably get you the swiftest response.

19 Responses to About

  1. greengurll says:

    good luck in japan,
    make sure to keep in touch
    and dont forget to add me to your blogroll,
    una xox

  2. laurent says:

    yo, thanks a lot! we fly out later today.
    Will def keep in touch and gonna finish setting up the blog this week when i get a chance so will def add you 😉

    take care guys!

  3. ZiuQ says:

    Rocking stuff

  4. thanks for the props if there is any way we can help you let us know .Check out whoisclutchyhopkins at myspace for more tunes and info.peace clutchy hopkins and lord kenjamin.

  5. waxi9milli says:

    hehe – man, this is damn funny shit. i search for the teeko lp online and who do i find?? lol – i didn’t even know you had this blog but when i read down there were just too many coincidences for it to be anyone else ;¬ )

  6. laurent says:

    Waximilian, waximilian!!

    Yes yes, i thought i’d sent you the link to this a while back… ah well! now you found it you best keep coming back bootch 😉

  7. sinstaLBC says:

    yo its ya couzin, just checking on you clutchy. You and Lord kenjamin better have some funkey stuff. see u guys latr. LONG BEACH.

  8. Andy says:

    Well, i found your site through a Goth-trad mix set ive been after, and from the looks of it, your blog looks pretty ace.
    I hope to live in Tokyo at some point in my life – best place in the world!

    Dont think i could teach english though – i got no patience with kids, and i cant speak proper english anyway – im a brummie!

    Anyhoo – best of luck, and ill add your blog to my already long list of favourites.

  9. Siya says:

    You are a legend!

  10. laurent says:

    ha ha, in my own laundry maybe 😛

    @Andy – glad you found the Goth Trad mix you was after mate, keep spreading the word 😉 and hope you enjoy the blog.

  11. Tom says:

    hey bro drop me a line – be good to connect..


  12. Laurent says:

    Shit you work for Fabric?? ha ha small ass world. Im back in LDN on the 10th of august, was speaking to Terence yesterday and gonna try and hook up when im town. Im around for about a week or so before i fly down to Italy. deffo hook something up!

  13. mamiko motto says:

    Hey Laurent, how can I get in touch with you?


  14. dopement says:

    Dear friend;

    Hi, my name is dopement and am director/A&R for my independent hiphop label call
    Takeshi Records and founded from the inspiration of Takeshi KITANO.

    This time, I would like to send you a link for some of our latest release for possible review or pick up. Appreciate your kind consideration and please refer to following links for the music.


    Takeshi Records Inc
    Listen to Takeshi Radio at Samurai FM !!!

  15. dopement says:

    Hi Laurent,

    Thanks for your support always and looking forward to meet up in Tokyo in the near future.


    dopement aka Natsuki Rai

  16. laurence v says:

    Bonjour Laurent! please can u get back to me ASAP. got music for you! a bientot x

  17. Christine says:

    Hi there!

    I feel like you could sort of be my doppleganger 🙂

    I’m half Japanese half British and have lived in the UK, Japan, Italy and now I’m living in Switzerland!

    Out of curiosity, how did you first get into publishing? Though my lack of German skills makes pursuing this career path tough here, I am really eager to give it a go!

    If you want any advice on living in Japan long term, give me a shout over on my blog 🙂

  18. Laurent says:

    Hey, thanks for the kind words 🙂

    I got into publishing after leaving University. I originally set out to be a journalist, and then through life and other things ended up in publishing. That was 8 years ago and i’m still doing it, moved from print to web et voila. If you want any pointers let me know!

  19. Nhung says:

    Thanks for the inspirations, flipside! 🙂