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On to more lighter things. I’ve been taking lots of pics since being here, and after a lot of random snapping on trains I’ve decided to start two series. One about people on trains and the other about places I see from train windows. The galleries are growing every few week as I add new pics and try to take pics everytime I go on a new line or new place in and around Tokyo.

I find people on trains in this country to be strangely fascinating – maybe it’s the wow factor still having it’s effect, and it definitely was at first, but also there is something about trains and people in this country that interests me. People are so different on the trains than they are in most other public places in Tokyo and the views you get from some of the lines are pretty amazing. From the concrete Blade Runner like jungles of central Tokyo to the more rural greater Tokyo areas.

You can see the sets over on Flickr – so click the links below:

Train People Flickr set

View From a Train Flickr set

Keep checking back for updates, and also you can view the sets in the newly minted Flipside gallery (link in the menu above) though I seem to be having issues with it at the moment (funny that) and so I’m not sure if it works on anything other than Firefox on PC (though apparently even that might not be working according to my mate). I’ll post up once it’s fixed, as it’s got a nifty little plug in to view the pics in a flash stream on the page without going to Flickr (which is quite slow at times).

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