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Now that the summer heat is firmly behind us I’m starting to enjoy one of the things I discovered I love most about Tokyo… the quality of light during cold days. It’s hard to explain but when we arrived here in winter and I started snapping pictures left, right and centre I noticed after a while that there was a certain something about the light in the pictures which was really attractive.

I don’t really know how to describe that certain something, but I noticed how it wasn’t there anymore during the spring and summer months, when the temperature went up. The pictures I was taking, and just the quality of the light in general, seemed to be very different – and during August when it got stupidly hot it felt like there was a kind of mist in the air, which made things look less attractive. In comparison during the winter months, and again for the last few weeks, it seems like the air is a lot clearer and in turn the quality of the light is a lot nicer, and attractive again.

It just makes things look nicer, I don’t know. It probably sounds stupid and it’s really obvious, but it’s something I can definitely feel even if I can’t explain it.  Looking back at the pictures I took during my bike trips earlier on in the year, the light just seems so different. And it’s starting to happen again. Bad timing though as I broke my digital camera again last month and it seems I’ve now lost it for good as I sent it back for repairs and it never arrived.

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