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Continuing the fine tradition I started a couple of years ago (check 2008 here and 2009 here) here is a round up of noteworthy mixes so far in 2010. The idea is simple: one mix per month of the year, and considering we’ve reached month 6, here are the mixes of the year so far.

I must admit I haven’t listened to or come across as many amazing mixes this year as I have in previous years though that could just be because I’ve been busier than ever curating Rhythm Incursions and working on mixes of my own – and that’s reflected in the list with two mixes I had a hand in curating. As always this list includes the mixes in question, download links and a short description. If you have any to add to the list please do in the comments as I’m sure I’ve missed a few!

2010 in mixes… so far

Filastine – We Are Experiencing Turbulence
Originally released February 10.
Download the mix / Filastine website
Filastine is one of my favourite producers and this mix shows just why with an intense 40 minute ride into his own music, favourites and a shit load of samples and recorded sounds. Killer.

Dibiase – The Return of the Sludge
Originally released March 10.
Download the mix / Dibiase myspace
Two great things happened this year: Dibiase is finally getting some real shine outside the L.A underground, and BTS radio have returned properly. This mix combines both. To be honest the entire BTS archive is worth a shout so go check it. And peep this for some serious beat mentalism.

Throwing Snow – Rhythm Inc guest mix
Originally released May 10.
Download the mix / Throwing Snow website
Of all the mixes I’ve curated for Rhythm Inc this year this one is definitely my favourite, an amazing hour long ride into sounds and music featuring a heap of forthcoming stuff from Throwing Snow and his label(s). One of the nicest producers I’ve had the pleasure to meet and a killer mix of eclectic beauty.

Peshay live at the Blue Note 1997
Originally released May 10.
Download the mix / Metalheadz Soundcloud
Ok this is 13 years old but it was only made available a few months back and well it speaks for itself. Peshay DJing at the legendary Metalheadz night at the Blue Note in London. 13 years on it stills sounds as fresh as it did.

Vaiper & Serumas – Cafeteria’s Revenge
Originally released May 10.
Download the mix / Vaiper Myspace
Another mix I hand in curating, this time featuring Lithuania’s finest doing a 60 minute mash up of sounds, beats and more live, deconstructing and reconstructing in the finest tradition while keeping it fresh. This was a joint broadcast on Mondayjazz and Rhythm Inc

Om Unit Live at Hoya Hoya
Originally released June 10.
Download the mix / Om Unit Myspace
The homie Om Unit’s first live show in Manchester, recorded for posterity. Amazing night, killer set and great memories. A little taste of what Hoya Hoya and Om Unit offer live.

That’s it for now. Remaining six mixes in six month. For now though feel free to chuck in your own recommends in the comments!

The always on point Wayne and Wax drops his own collection of worthy mixes for the summer, including the excellent Nicholas Jarr mix for Airpod which is killer. Check them all here.

Also one I’d forgot about is the 2010 edition of Brainfeeder Radio, nicknamed Cosmogramma radio for the occasion as it was hosted to celebrate the launch of Fly Lo’s new album. Featuring Kode 9, Gaslamp Killer, Take, Teebs, Fly Lo and more it’s without a doubt one of the live shows of the year. Download the entire 7 hour broadcast here.

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