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Photo courtesy of norambler, Flickr

Photo courtesy of norambler, Flickr

At the end of last year I posted up my selection of the 12 best mixes of the year. The list proved popular so I’ve decided to continue. One thing I commented on was that for some reason or other the majority of mixes I’d chosen were from the second half of the year, and I mentioned that hopefully the first half of 09 would prove as fruitful as the second half of 08 in terms of mixes.

I’ve been thinking for a few weeks that it’d be a good idea to put together a list of the best mixes of 2009 so far, partly to see if the first half had indeed been fruitful, and also because I like the idea and there’s been quite a few mixes in firm rotation in the iPod for a while.

I put together a rough list earlier today and it seems that indeed 09 has been a pretty good year so far. So here are 6 of my favourite mixes from the first half of the year so far, plus a few bonus ones. As with the previous list, each mix is linked, titled, dated and comes with a short description. The music covers various styles and there is no order, all come heavily recommended. Enjoy.

2009 in mixes… so far

J Period presents… The Abstract best, vol1
Originally released February 09.
Download the mix / J Period website
A comprehensive look at Q-Tip’s career featuring new remixes, insights into recordings and some of his best tracks ever. A dope, dope mix incredibly well put together.

Jamie Vex’d – Sunday Walkman mix
Recorded for the LuckyMe mix series, February 09.
Download the mix / Jamie Vex’d myspace
Under 30 minutes but better than most 60 mins+ mixes. A snapshot of the most exciting hip hop and electronic music around today.

2tall – The Space Race
Recorded for Rhythm Incursions podcasts, February 09.
Download the mix / 2tall myspace
One hour of the finest beats from around the world, a true showcase of the worldwide renaissance of hip hop producers.

Fulgeance – Live at Mondayjazz second birthday party
Recorded live at the Mondayjazz second birthday party, April 09.
Download the mix / Fulgeance myspace
The French hip-house-electro gentleman shows why his Low Club style is the best, sweatiest club music around today.

Kryptic Minds – Studio mix for Blackdown
Recorded for Blackdown Soundboy blog, May 09.
Download the mix / Kryptic Minds myspace
Moving from drum n bass to dubstep, Kryptic Minds show that the dark halfstep template can still be exciting when done well.

DJ Broke – Butter 4.0
Recorded May 09.
Download the mix / Broke myspace
A reminder of why the 90s was such a great era for hip hop, over an hour of classics from established to slightly forgotten rap acts.

Bonus mixes

Simbad – Supercosmic Revolution
Recorded for the Brainfeeder podcasts, June 09.
Download the mix / Simbad myspace
Conspiracy theories, celestial ramblings and the sweet sounds of some of the best underground electronic and hip hop today. Gets better the more you listen.

Take aka Sweatson Klank – Sweatson’s Trajectory
Recorded for Dublab proton drive, June 09.
Buy the mix here (donate to get your copy) / Take myspace
While not a freely available mix, this is definitely a CD worth donating worth. Featuring unheard/rare psych and 70s electronic blended with some of today’s best beats from the new school of producers.

D-Bridge and Instramental – Autonomic Podcasts
Download the podcasts here / D-Bridge myspace
Stumbled across this monthly podcast series earlier this year thanks to Twitter. Great selections from the old to the new and unheard. The first time I’ve got even remotely excited about drum n bass tracks in a long time.

Part 2 in 6 months. Till then enjoy…

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